Debunking Childhood Obesity Beliefs

All of us experienced childhood years when we were too dependent to our parents and felt the love and care of our family. There are different ways how a child can feel that his own family care for him and fully support his needs. As a child, the only things he can do is to sleep at night, wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, and then play. Then when it is time to eat for lunch and dinner, a child can just eat what is prepared.

Let’s focus now on a child’s weight. If parents think that their child can grow faster by eating many and do not check if he is still having a healthy weight or not, it is time for every parent to be aware of the right weight their child must have. It is true that a child that eats many can be a healthy child. But if he eats too much than what is recommended for him to eat, it can lead to overweight or obesity.

As a child is still young, parents might think that it is okay for him to eat as much as he can. However, this kind of belief is not true at all. Parents should teach their child to control the amount of food he eats and it has to be a proper or balanced diet for the child to avoid chronic diseases or serious health conditions as he grow into adulthood. Children who are overweight or obese are at a high risk of having chronic diseases in adulthood.